Richard Snow - numerous images from an online book, the Pink Sheet and articles from his website Eagle Eye Rare Coins, his book Flying Eagle and Indian Cents, CDN essays from the February 1992 and October 1998 Monthly Supplements, his Attribution Guides, his many contributions to David Bowers' book, and mostly, his role as the main source of inspirition for this denomination over the past decade.
Q. David Bowers - A Buyer's and Enthusiast's Guide to Flying Eagle and Indian Cents, a masterpiece of reference for this denomination from which a large portion of this website was derived.
Robert D. LeBlanc - CDN essay from the September 1980 Monthly Summary.
R. S. Yeoman - The Official Red Book, A Guide Book Of United States Coins
Cornelius Vermeule - Numismatic Art In America, Aesthetics of the United States Coinage.
PCGS - The PCGS Population Report. Visit their website PCGS c/o Collector's Universe.
Heritage Rare Coin Galleries - numerous archived images and auction prices realized. Visit their website Heritage Rare Coin Galleries.
Dr. Tim Larson - Numerous digital images of his superb Indian Heads and rare varieties, his paper on his early collecting experiences, major editing assistance, and general wealth of knowledge about the series.
Michael Luck - editing assistance and his general wealth of numismatic knowledge.
Coinfacts.Com - coin images from their website Coinfacts.Com.
The Coin Dealer Newsletter - essays from their Monthly Supplement. Visit their website The Greysheet/Coin Dealer Newsletter.
Walter Breen - Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins.
David Lawrence Rare Coins - coin image from their website David Lawrence Rare Coins.
Pinnacle Rarities - coin images from their website Pinnacle Rarities.
Superior Galleries - coin images from their website Superior Galleries.
Ron Landis - his reference works on 19th Century minting procedures. -
Larry Steve and Kevin Flynn - Their guide The F.IND.ERS Report, Flying Eagle and Indian Cent Die Varieties.
Stewart Blay - images of many of his exceptional coins.
Stephen Witkowski - coin images provided.