Bowers writes "more than any other area of numismatics, the astute collecting of copper coins requires a degree of connoisseurship". Listed values, especially for 64+ grades, can be deceptive. The wide range of quality within these grades due to the changes in grading standards through the years, combined with the always present human subjective factor, make any price guide nothing more than that -- a very general guide.
    The prices listed in parenthesis by each date are their current estimated retail value in 64/65RD. They're derived from Rick Snow's Pink Sheet, which lists his standard ask price for Indians meeting his photoseal criteria. In short this means he confirms the grade & color attribution as accurate, and his buy wholesale price would be, at worst, 75% of the Pink Sheet. These prices are supplied to the Coin Dealer Newsletter and are usually published by them as the current bid. Visit Rick's website for the complete Pink Sheet: Eagle Eye Rare Coins
    The same variables that make listing prices for 64-65RD coins difficult make prices for MS66 and better coins virtually impossible due to the huge price swings within each grade. Even the common dates in MS66RD can differ in price by $1000+ depending on which end of the grading and eye appeal spectrum they reside.
Pink Sheet Prices updated 5/1/02
1877............key date
1872............key date
1864-1878....key dates
     Part 2....semi-keys
1898-1909....semi-common dates
     Part 2....common dates