These are the most available dates of the series but high-end examples have turned up with less regularity in recent years, and certain 66RDs have sold for incredible prices. For example, in June 2002 two 1906 PCGS MS66RDs sold for over $4000 in separate auctions. In the same auctions many 65RDs sold for over $500. As those prices reflect, some common dates are more difficult in the higher grades despite being grouped together on the price sheets. 1905 and 1908 are the only dates with no PCGS MS67RDs graded, and 1906 and 1907 are equally tough in superb condition. 1899 is one of the easiest to find in high grades due in part to a roll of gem examples dispersed into market in the late 1980s. It's the only bronze Indian Head graded MS68RD by PCGS. Nice examples of all these dates are rarer than the population reports suggest and are worth paying a premium for.
1899 NGC MS67RD
The remainder of the the non-S Mint issues fall into the common date class (1899, 1901 thru 1909 $200/400).