The final era of the Indian Head cent series can be divided into three groups: semi-common dates, common dates and the S Mint coins. The first two groups are by far the most readily available to the collector, especially given the jump in prices of this denomonation in recent years. A discriminating eye is as important here as with earlier dates -- there are more unappealing coins in 64-66RD slabs in this time frame than any other -- but beautiful coins can be found for reasonable prices. Some theorize the grading services tend to slide more borderline coins into slabs at lower price ranges, and become more finicky when the slab represents a big price jump. Whether that is true or not, there are enough common and semi-common dates on the market in gem state to form your own point of reference for grade and eye appeal.
   The wider range of colors that begins in the 1880s and continues into the 1890s totally blossoms in the 1900 common dates. Beautiful RD examples can be found in deep bronze, mint gold, neon orange or burgandy red -- and many tones in between.
1898-1909 Common Dates