The final two coins are unique in many ways. They have the lowest and third lowest mintage of the entire series, and are the only two produced outside the Philadelphia Mint. They have characteristics which on the one hand makes them less valuable than their mintage figures indicate, yet at the same time makes them very difficult to find in a condition worth paying a premium for.
  1909-S ($1,500/3,500), with the lowest mintage of 309,000, and 1908-S ($700/1,500) with the third lowest of 1,115,000, were collected and preserved with some earnest due to their variety and last year issue status. However, a poor alloy mix resulted in yellowish toning and varying degrees of woodgrain. Combined with commonly poor strikes, many of the high-grade pieces are less than desirable. The weakly struck first 3 feathertips of 1908-S is so common the grading services tolorate it more than other dates. Straw-colored planchets plague the 1909-S issue. You generally have to look at a lot of S Mint coins to find nice examples.
Typical planchet streaking and feather strikes of S-Mint issues
1908 & 1909 San Francisco Mint