Millions were lost, destroyed or redeemed, and most that survived are unattractive or simply unrecognizable. Yet the few Indian Head cents that miraculously made it to the 21st Century with their original mint bloom can be as lovely as any jewel. This site is dedicated to those survivors, and the variety of original tones 100+ years of preservation has brought them to us in.

    This website was created in Nov., 2001 with two missions (1) Provide condensed reference for collectors new to the series, (2) Provide constantly updated images of interesting coins and current news for all collectors of the series. Visit the Site News page for the most recent additions to
     The original focus on mint state Indian cents has broadened to varieties, errors and patterns, and a proof section will be added soon. But the current news and core of the site will always center on business strikes. Galleries of other great US coins have also been added recently and may eventually spin off to a new site that's exclusively a coin gallery.

    Please visit the Sources page for a list of reference and personal contributors to this site, without whom it wouldn't exist. Five major contributors that deserve special mention are:

Richard Snow - some early images, his Pink Sheet, articles from his website Eagle Eye Rare Coins, his book Flying Eagle and Indian Cents, CDN essays from the February 1992 and October 1998 Monthly Supplements, his Attribution Guides, his many contributions to David Bowers' book, and his overall role as the reference source for the series over the past decade.

Q. David Bowers - A Buyer's and Enthusiast's Guide to Flying Eagle and Indian Cents, a very highly recommended reference for this series.

The Lakesamm Collection - The owner of this collection has partnered with this site to provide a majority of the images and reference found on these pages. The Variety pages are almost exclusively his coins and images, including ground breaking micro shots of finest knowns.

Stewart Blay - For providing some of the finest copper coins extant for reference on this site, and welcoming me into his home to do so. Access to his longtime collection raises appreciation for Indian and Lincoln cents to new levels.

Ron Sirna - His general knowledge of the series and specifically his proof articles, from which the Proof pages on this site will be based. Also for providing most of the coins imaged for the new Pattern Pages.
Mission Statement and Major Contributors