Mint State 67 (MS67)
   A nearly perfect coin compared to known survivors in this series. Undeniable beauty whose minor imperfections can usually only be seen with magnification. Full cheeks, strong feather detail and crisp shield lines are a must, as is mint fresh lustre. The fields must have a very clean, consistent look. The planchet quality is often superior, giving the fields an usually rich texture. A coin very rarely encountered in this conditionally challenged series.
   The best are absolute jewels, a showpiece of every wonderful attribute of mint state copper. The worst are nice MS66's with too many flaws to belong in this special group. MS67 is possibly the easiest to grade of all those mentioned so far because of the very distinct look these coins have. PCGS (90) and NGC (69) have currently graded 159 MS67RD Indian Heads.
1897 PCGS MS67RD
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