Website News
    The site had a major facelift in February 2003, with a majority of the images and some of the content upgraded. Major technical improvements were also made for slower dial-up users. Most pages now fit your browser without scrolling, and a header navigation bar allows surfing the entire site without moving your mouse.

Recent Additions:

Reverse Hubs/Two new Design pages, with closeups of all 4 reverse types.
Concentric Die Lines/Interesting new 1864br S11 in the Varieties pages.
Shallow N/Added to the Varieties pages.
Patterns Pages/Thanks in large part to Ron Sirna's 12-Piece Pattern Set display at Rick Snow's table during the 2003 FUN show, as well as a few other collectors who provided related patterns for imaging there.
Galleries/A menu page for any new galleries added to the site. A gallery of incredible Lincoln cents from the collection of Stewart Blay has been added, as well one devoted to memorable coins from other series.
Site Map/Added in January for quick reference.


Most of the images throughout the reference portion of the site have been upgraded with large 300x300 pixel images of high-end coins from the same consistent camera source. All of the examples of MS64-67 have been replaced on the Grading pages, and they now include very large and revealing close-ups.
Blay Collection/Many new coins have been added to his Collection page and some existing images have been upgraded.