The finest graded Indian Head cent collection of all time was assembled by Dr. Alan Epstein from 1987 through 1993, combined with a Flying Eagle set of equal magnitude. Consider these facts:
1) The average grade was 66.25.
2) By the time he sold there were only 9 possible upgrades -- one of which, the 1909-S                     MS67RD, is a mystery coin.
3) It included the only 2 MS68's ever given out by PCGS at that time (now there are 3), 18 MS67's     and 37 MS66's.
   The collection was built up around an MS65RD set, with constant upgrades and many lateral trades to higher quality coins of the same grade holder. All were PCGS certified. At the time it was valued by Dr. Epstein at $463,000 -- including the Flying Eagle coins -- and he offered it for private sale at this price in 1995 with no takers. It was then marketed at major coin shows, again with no acceptable offers. Frustrated and needing funds for a stock venture, he sold the collection to Eagle Eye Rare Coins in 1995. 
   After purchasing the set Richard Snow and Brian Wagner of Eagle Eye began offering the coins to their customers. They sold quickly. One coin, the 1899 MS68RD, was repurchased by Dr. Epstein for their asking price of $12,500 because it was his favorite coin. After a year he consigned it back to Eagle Eye and it sold for $14,500.
   The popularity and prices of this series increased dramatically over the next 6 years. In 2001 at the Superior Galleries auction of the Paul Googleman collection, three coins (the 1872 & 1877 in MS66, and the 1873 cl3 MS67) brought about $200,000 by themselves.
   The complete collection, along with images of the early dates courtesy of an older Rick Snow website and one other from a more recent auction sale:
Special thanks to a Longacre's Ledger article by Rick Snow and additional facts provided by Stewart Blay.
1859    MS66  
1860    MS65  (Pointed Bust)  &   1860    MS66  (Rounded Bust)
1861    MS68  
1862    MS67  
1863    MS66  
1864    MS66  (Copper-nickel) 
1864    MS67RD  (Bronze)  &   1864    MS66RD  (w/L)
1865    MS66RD  (Fancy 5)  
1866    MS66RD  
1867    MS65RD  
1868    MS65RD  
1869/9 MS66RD  
1870    MS66RD  
1871    MS65RD  
1872    MS66RD  
1873    MS66RD  (Open 3)
1873    MS67RD  (Closed 3)  
1874    MS66RD  
1875    MS66RD  
1876    MS66RD  
1877    MS66RD  
1878    MS66RD  
1879    MS67RD  
1880    MS67RD  
1881    MS67RD  
1882    MS66RD  
1883    MS67RD  
1884    MS67RD  
1885    MS66RD  
1886    MS66RD  (Type 1)
1886    MS66RD  (Type 2)
1887    MS67RD  
1888    MS66RD  
1889    MS65RD  
1890    MS66RD  
1891    MS66RD  
1892    MS66RD  
1893    MS66RD  
1894    MS66RD  
1895    MS66RD  
1896    MS67RD  
1897    MS67RD     Large Obverse    Large Reverse  
1898    MS67RD     Large Obverse    Large Reverse  
1899    MS68RD  
1900    MS67RD  
1901    MS67RD     Large Obverse    Large Reverse  
1902    MS67RD  
1903    MS67RD  
1904    MS67RD  
1905    MS66RD  
1906    MS66RD  
1907    MS67RD  
1908    MS66RD  
1908-S MS66RD  
1909    MS66RD  
1909-S MS66RD