This current set by Barry Enholm, named "Ally" in the PCGS Registry after his granddaughter, was put together with the typical eye for quality by this proficient numismatist. He previously assembled a complete set of high-end Indian cent proofs and Mercury dimes, both of which were named for his grandson "Joshua" and sold in recent Heritage auctions. He's since reassembled an even finer collection of Mercurys! It can be viewed in the Registry (under the Ally name) as can his nearly complete set of Dahlonega gold dollars (the Green Pond Collection). Any one of these would be a lifetime accomplishment for most collectors.
   As for his most recent attention to MS Indians, some grade stats:

1) 34 coins grade MS66 or higher, including 3 elusive MS67s.
2) 14 of the 55 coins have none graded higher by PCGS, including the finest known 1906 and rarely         seen 1871 and 1872 in MS66RD (pops 2/0).
3) 10 other dates have only 1 coin graded higher by PCGS.
1859  MS65     
1860  MS67      
1861  MS67  
1862  MS66   
1863  MS66    
1864 CN  MS65    
1864 Br  MS66RD     
1864  w/L  MS65RD    
1865  F5  MS66RD     
1866  MS65RD     
1867  MS64RD     
1868  MS65RD     
1869  MS65RD     
1870  MS66RD    
1871  MS66RD     
1872  MS66RD   
1873  Open3  MS64RD     
1874  MS65RD     
1875  MS66RD    
1876  MS66RD   
1877  MS65RD  
1878  MS65RD     
1879  MS65RD    
1880  MS66RD     
1881  MS66RD    
1882  MS66RD     
1883  MS65RD      
1884  MS66RD     
1885  MS66RD    
1886  T1  MS65RD
1887  MS65RD     
1888  MS66RD     
1889  MS65RD   
1890  MS65RD     
1891  MS65RD    
1892  MS66RD      
1893  MS66RD       
1894  MS66RD     
1895  MS66RD    
1896  MS66RD     
1897  MS66RD     
1898  MS65RD     
1899  MS66RD     
1900  MS66RD  
1901  MS66RD     
1902  MS66RD    
1903  MS66RD    
1904  MS66RD    
1905  MS66RD     
1906  MS67RD    
1907  MS65RD    
1908  MS66RD     
1908-S  MS66RD     
1909  MS66RD     
1909-S  MS66RD
    His collection began in 1998 with both PCGS and NGC examples. He eventually broke it up, due in part to the frustration of finding true red examples of dates like 1872, but kept the best PCGS specimans "just in case". Those he kept included the 1871 in 66RD and 1877 in 65RD. He was then fortunate enough to have a complete set offered to him with some exceptional 64-65's which, combined with his existing coins, he eventually sent for regrading. Amazingly he got 27 upgrades, some by two points. Since then he's made many upgrades to his now complete collection.
    Some incites from Barry, as published in the Pinnacle Rarities article Inside the Minds of Successful Collectors: "One thing I found out early on was I had to formulate my own pricing guide from all the available sources -- auction prices, published coins for sale, and coin shows. Because of the inherent problems in grading Indian's -- color, strike, spots -- it is very hard to get an accurate pricing level. The guides list prices for the best of the condition, not the average. I have seen prices for a certain date in MS65 Red fluctuate from $2,900 to $12,500! It was also important to view as many pieces as possible to learn and understand the grading criteria."

The Ally collection, including 10 images: