Some additional comments c/o Collector's Universe:

   "Stewart bought his first Indian cent in 1989 at the Pittsburgh ANA convention and has been buying them on and off ever since. His goal is to collect the very best quality that he possibly can, including the varieties and Flying Eagle cents. Stewart has a love of small cents; in fact, he also owns the number one Lincoln cent set in the PCGS Set Registry. His other collections include Half cents, Canadian cents, and Barber dimes. His favorite coin in the Indian cent collection is the key date, 1877, which he believes is the finest in existence. When will Stewart stop collecting coins? When he stops having fun. It is his passion!"

   Special thanks to Stewart for allowing me to image 26 of his Indian cents over the past year. Here's the complete set which, began with the 1900 67RD purchased at the 1889 Pittsburgh ANA.

   The current Stewart Blay collection is already one of the all-time classic sets with an average grade of 66+. A sculptor with an exceptional eye for copper coins in general, Stewart may be better known for his extraordinary Lincolns but the recent appearance (Aug/02) of his Indians in the PCGS Set Registry opened a few eyes. As for just the grades, consider this:

1) Every coin is 66RD or higher except for a run of 65RDs in the tough 1866 thru 1874 dates.
2) 13 coins grade MS67RD, including the single highest PCGS graded 1876 and 1878.
3) 28 of the 55 coins have none graded higher by PCGS.
4) Of all the Indian cents ever to pass through PCGS, only 66 total have pulled higher grades. An             amazing statistic when you take into consideration the crackouts.
1859  MS66     
1860  MS67      
1861  MS66  
1862  MS67  Large Obverse  Large Reverse   
1863  MS66    
1864 CN  MS66    
1864 Br  MS67RD     
1864  w/L  MS66RD    
1865  F5  MS66RD     
1866  MS65RD     
1867  MS65RD     
1868  MS65RD  Large Obverse   
1869  MS65RD     
1870  MS65RD    
1871  MS65RD (shallow N)    
1872  MS65RD  Large Obverse  Large Reverse   
1873  Open3  MS65RD     
1874  MS65RD     
1875  MS66RD  Large Obverse  Large Reverse    
1876  MS67RD    
1877  MS66RD  Large Obverse  Large Reverse  700x700: Obverse  Reverse
1878  MS67RD  Large Obverse  Large Reverse    
1879  MS66RD    
1880  MS66RD     
1881  MS66RD     
1882  MS66RD     
1883  MS67RD      
1884  MS67RD     
1885  MS66RD    
1886T1  MS66RD  Large Obverse  Large Reverse 
1887  MS66RD     
1888  MS66RD     
1889  MS66RD    
1890  MS66RD     
1891  MS66RD    
1892  MS66RD  Large Obverse      
1893  MS66RD       
1894  MS66RD     
1895  MS66RD    
1896  MS66RD     
1897  MS66RD     
1898  MS67RD     
1899  MS67RD     
1900  MS67RD  Large Obverse  Large Reverse  
1901  MS66RD     
1902  MS67RD    
1903  MS67RD    
1904  MS66RD    
1905  MS66RD     
1906  MS66RD  Large Obverse  Large Reverse   
1907  MS66RD    
1908  MS66RD     
1908-S  MS66RD     
1909  MS67RD     
1909-S  MS66RD    

Many Images courtesy of the 2002 Long Beach Coin Expo, w/ special thanks to BJ Searls of PCGS

Upgrades: 1/1/03 1889 with coin of same grade (image updated)